Ittiwan Oak – Charleston, SC

2015 Heritage Tree Award Winner


Photo Credit: Daniel Island Historical Society

Ittiwan Oak

Anyone affiliated with Daniel Island and the Ittiwan Oak can understand why this tree was added to the prestigious list of previous winners. The Ittiwan Oak, with its 15 foot circumference and 114 foot canopy, is a majestic tree not only to the local community, but to the entire state of South Carolina. Its value to the community dates back hundreds of years and to the Native Americans who once lived near the site of the tree. The Ittiwan Oak is named in honor of the Ittiwan Tribe that once called Daniel Island Home.

Today, the tree has been “adopted” by the Daniel Island Historical Society, who in 2015 launched a campaign to showcase the island’s live oak trees. At the center of the celebration, of course, was the Ittiwan Oak.